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Virtual Software Trainings - March 24

Expand your skills and knowledge during our GaBi & SoFi software training. Below are details for both in-person and virtual training sessions.

GaBi Training will be hosted in person as originally scheduled. See below details.

Virtual SoFi Training will be led by our product experts and hosted in a webinar format on Tuesday March 24. Interaction and questions from clients are encouraged. A link to access the sessions will be shared with all registered clients soon.

GaBi Jump Start Training

  • Will be postponed to May - more information will follow soon

SoFi Software Trainings


  • Online training. Hosted as a live webinar on March 24, and posted on the SCN for on-demand viewing.



  •  free


SoFi Basic User Training

This training is designed for clients who have licensed the SoFi software, but have little to no experience with the software (e.g. new in their role). During the training you will work with the software.

The sessions will be presented by SoFi implementation experts who will show attendees how to best apply SoFi administration functionality within their daily business. To broaden the horizon, we will also cover data analysis as well as sharing of analytics and dashboards with your user community.


Live Online Training Sessions
9:00 - 10:30am SoFi Basic Training SESSION 1
Welcome and Introduction
Login and Basic Navigation
Basic Structure
Data Collection and Validation
1:00 - 2:30pm SoFi Basic Training SESSION 2
Extending the structure
Reporting & Dashboards


SoFi Advanced User Training

This training aims at the more experienced SoFi administrators who wish to take advantage of SoFi‘s advanced functionalities. The sessions will be presented by our SoFi implementation experts who will show attendees how to expand the use of SoFi to meet more advanced sustainability data analysis and reporting needs.


Live Online Training Sessions
11:00 - 12:30am

SoFi Advanced Training SESSION 1
Welcome and Introduction
Performance tracking against targets
The SoFi targets and actions module
Gap filling and estimating
Review, discussion and Q&A

3:00 - 4:30pm SoFi Advanced Training SESSION 2
Welcome and Introduction
Advanced reporting and dashboards
Data importing via connection center
Review, discussion and Q&A

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