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On-Demand General Sessions - March 25

Get new insights and practical approaches from thought leaders, sustainability managers and business professionals.

Each of the following sessions will be available for on-demand viewing on Wednesday March 25. A link to access the sessions will be shared with all registered clients.


Opening Session Creating a safer, more sustainable and productive world
In this session Sphera President and CEO, Paul Marushka will share how organizations are applying Integrated Risk Management 4.0 (IRM 4.0) a data-driven, predictive risk management and Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) strategy, to boost their business value and optimize sustainability while enhancing their Operational Excellence.
Digging Deeper - Breakout Session Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
After providing some background of the developments from LCA to PEF, this session will focus on the specific requirements in PEF for conducting an LCA and will give insights into key modelling rules, impact assessment methodologies, data requirements and databases. Applications, use cases and business benefits will round off this session with different speakers and plenty of time for questions and discussion.
Digging Deeper - Breakout Session Carbon Neutrality Announcements and Implications for the Supply Chain
Planned together with a client, this breakout session included a lot of interactivity. We were to discuss a specific case that required a lot of feedback and give and take. Therefore, we cannot realize this session in such an online setting. Instead, we are providing a recording of a joint webinar with CDP that focuses on, and gives a solid overview of, carbon neutrality.
Digging Deeper - Breakout Session Turning Targets into Practice
This session will look at practical examples from companies developing roadmaps to meet targets, ranging from internal KPIs to science-based targets. Part of the breakout session will be interactive and give participants the opportunity to brainstorm action plans for certain KPIs. There will also be a client speaker who will share stories from the frontlines and first-hand experience in translating ambitious goals into policies and tangible programs to advance sustainability.
Digging Deeper - Breakout Session Moving Toward a Proactive Product Compliance Strategy
Most companies, including those mature in their Product Stewardship (PS) strategies, still operate under the “Swiss cheese model” with lots of potentially conflicting data sources. Maintaining a future-proof PS ecosystem requires ultimate governance over all your PS-related business processes and increasingly complex supply chains and a “single version of truth!” With a holistic view of material data — from initial request, through approval, to use and delivery — companies can gain visibility while mitigating risk. Join us in examining a proactive approach to the material approval process that positively impacts a company throughout the manufacturing and product delivery processes.
Digging Deeper - Breakout Session Multiple Angles on Sustainable Packaging
The market for sustainable packaging has been undergoing a substantial shift. Hear from different players in the packaging industry about how they experience current challenges and gain inspiration from them for how to meet your own demands in an ever-changing sustainable packaging landscape.

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